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2013.05.07 16:33

아이들의 거리복장

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저작자 :

  윌러드 스트레이트 컬렉션

원문 출처:

  미국 코넬대학 도서관

제작 연대:


촬영 장소 :


이미지 크기:

715 x 702  


내용 :

  A group of young boys and girls look over something in the street. They wear the jackets called a echogorie and pants called a epajie. Both boys and girls have long braided hairs. Girls have etaenggie at the end of the braids. Their costume would have been worn only on festival days, in this case (because of the heavy winter clothing worn by them) almost certainly on the Lunar New Year, which occurs in late January or early February.

  사진 등록 : 

ca.1904 Young boys and girls in traditional customs in the street on Lunar New Year.jpg


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